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terms of service

Revisions & Proofing
You’ll receive 1 (one) full revision with your custom design purchase. This revision is based on the suggestions made by the client and the design changes that are applied to the design to the best of D&D’s understanding. After the first revision, a $15 design fee will apply to each continual revision. Also, there are no refunds, or cancelations due to the nature of this work. See cancelations.

Client will submit approval in order to authorize the printing and production of the order. Dapper & Darling cannot be held responsible for any errors overlooked by the client. Proofing agreement includes, text, layout, and color. Client will be financially responsible for any reprinting or replaced material due to errors in the final product after Client has signed the final design approval agreement.

Dapper & Darling is not responsible for after printing changes. If the client would like a different paper option, then a reprint will be charged. If a client wants a custom cut, the cut dimensions must be discussed BEFORE printing. If the client wants a different size AFTER printing, then the client will be changed a reprint fee. Dapper & Darling may refuse the right to fix errors on the part of Dapper & Darling if a client harasses, threatens or causes legal issues for Dapper & Darling.

Dapper & Darling is not responsible for any damages incurred during shipping or if the shipment is lost. Shipping time will vary depending on client location. Shipping costs at ground are all determined after quantity is known. Shipping time may vary depending on weather conditions. Rush delivery is available for clients who want their invitations 2-3 days earlier than ground (5-7 days). Rush delivery must be discussed BEFORE final balance is due.

Due to the customized nature of our products, there are no refunds or exchanges. See cancellations.

For Errors Reported with 48 Hours:
Report your problem to Please include photos of the error.
Depending on the problem, misprinted items may need to be returned to us. (You must use a traceable method and the box must be postmarked within 5 days of reaching return label. The sooner we receive your items the sooner we can complete your reprint.)

If possible, we will then reprint or reengrave the misprinted portion free of charge. Processing time on your reprint or engraving will be dependent upon the availability of supplies to complete your order. Substitutions may need to be approved by Client in order to complete the misprinted order efficiently. Reprints will be sent via Priority Mail. Shipping upgrades are available at customer’s expense.
If it is impossible to reprint due to time constraints or supplies, we will notify you right away.

For Errors/Repairs Reported beyond 48 Hours and up to One week:
Report your problem to Please include photos of the error or repairs requested.
If your request can be completed, the misprinted or engraved items will need to be returned to us at the expense of the customer. (You must use a traceable method and the box must be postmarked within 1-3 days of reported issue. The sooner we receive your items the sooner we can complete your reprint or engraving.)
You will be billed at least 75% of the cost of the reprint or reengraving and all shipping charges. Reprints & Repairs will not be completed until payment in fully is received.

Orders may be canceled within 48hrs which are terminated by the client with full refund. After 48hrs, no refund will be granted to canceled orders. This includes all submitted payments for non-begun work as well as begun work. Orders canceled by Dapper & Darling may be refunded based on the circumstances of the cancellation. Dapper & Darling holds the right to cancel an order without a refund. Examples of reasons Dapper & Darling may have to cancel an order include but are not limited to:
-The client has not submitted information.
-The client refuses to respond to emails.
-The client has abandoned their order.
-The client has become rude and/or offensive toward Dapper & Darling.

Colors & Material Variations
Colors & materials can vary from computer monitor to print and finished keepsake but we try our best to match colors as closely as possible to the colors shown on the screen by calibrating our printers, testing your order each time, and making necessary adjustments. Your submitted color swatch or proof will match as closely, but it is not guaranteed to be perfect. Additionally, printed material on art prints will never truly match table linens or other fabric– especially not metallic or other shiny fabrics including any of our wood products. Print colors, precious metals and woods may vary from item to item, but we do our best to keep the color consistent within the project. 

Reporting Errors
We are careful, but we are still making your items by hand and errors can occasionally happen.
We are not responsible for spelling, grammar, or other errors that were previously approved by the customer before production began. Due to the time-sensitive material we are creating, problems must be reported in writing to within 48 hours of receipt. All problems beyond this timeframe are the full responsibility of the customer.

Privacy Policy | Copyright Information
When you purchase from Dapper & Darling, we only collect the necessary information needed to process your order. We never share this information with any third party. We use your e-mail address to communicate with you regarding an inquiry or order. Once you make a purchase, your name also becomes part of our private customer file. We never make your personal information available to any outside party that is not directly involved in producing your items. We do not use your personal information for soliciting or marketing purposes. Information such as names, wedding dates, locations, and times will be kept private until your wedding date has passed. After your wedding date, we may post photographs of your invitations or other stationery for use on, our Etsy shop, or printed material. Your privacy is important to us so photos will never include identifying information such as your address. If you’d like to opt out of this, just send us an email and let us know.

By purchasing our products, you give permission to use photographs of your products in advertisements and listings as we see fit. All of our products, including custom designs, are the property of Dapper & Darling. We hold the exclusive copyright and reserve the right to resell all designs as we choose. You may take photographs of purchased products for personal use only. Our products may not be sold, copied, disassembled, or redistributed in any way. We file copyright papers on all of our works of art quarterly and violations of copyright laws will result in prosecution.

All copyright is wholly owned and reserved by Dapper & Darling. All designs are exclusive and original to Dapper & Darling and are protected by copyright law. It is an offense to steal in whole or in part any of the designs, calligraphy, layout, or illustrations created by Dapper & Darling.
It is illegal to reproduce any design, layout or illustration without express permission from Dapper & Darling. Modification and/or reuse of stationery for other occasions/uses are prohibited. Dapper & Darling holds ownership and copyright on all designs.

You agree that Dapper & Darling reserves the right to document and advertise the work we have generated for you. This includes presenting the finished designs on our website, or advertising through social media websites.

Nothing stated on the website shall be considered a binding agreement on us
We are not obligated to accept any job, and our refund of your deposit at our discretion will release us from any further obligation to you whatsoever. We reserve the right to correct typographic and other errors.
Disputes will be addressed through good-faith negotiation, or arbitration, prior to any action at law.

Limitations of liability:
Under no circumstances shall Dapper & Darling (“Dapper & Darling”, also DBA “Dapper & Darling”, or Dapper &”) nor any of its directors, employees or officers or members, be liable for any indirect or consequential or punitive punitive losses, or damages (including loss of artwork, data, profits or business or monies invested in events or services), defects, negligence or any other hypothesis in any way relating to the performance and provisioning of any of our products or services. Your sole remedy is to stop using said product or service and the only remedy for your discontentment is to obtain a refund as stated/executed and in conformity with these terms and conditions. Additionally, regarding the reliability, timeliness and /or performance of any third party companies such as FedEx, UPS and the US postal service or other parties. Such limitation of liability shall apply to prevent recovery of actual, indirect, consequential, exemplary and punitive damages. WITH RESPECT TO ERRORS OR NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF Dapper & Darling, THE MAXIMUM Dapper & Darling WILL BE LIABLE FOR IS LIMITED TO THE TOTAL PRICE PAID FOR THE ORDER, PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

All Dapper & Darling products and services including any third party vendor materials such as envelopes, glue, and other paper products are offered “as is” and without express or implied warranties or warranties of any kind. No statement from any employees or agents shall create any additional warranties other than those expressed in these terms and conditions.

All legal issues arising from or related to the use of Dapper & Darling products and services shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of California. The state and federal courts of Southern California shall be the exclusive forum and venue to resolve disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions or any user’s (or any third party) use of the products and services. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be conducted in the courts located in the city of Foothill Ranch, Ca. In the event Dapper & Darling. has to resort to legal action to enforce any obligation of wholesaler/retailer, we will be entitled to recover actual damages together with reasonable attorney fees.

This terms and conditions agreement replaces all previous versions of Dapper & Darling terms and conditions. By Placement or purchase of any Dapper & Darling products and order of goods or services constitutes knowledge of, agreement with and acceptance of these terms and that these are binding contractual obligations by and for you.
The final contract may amend the terms outlined above. This document shall be included by reference in each estimate, quotation or work-order.

For purposes of contract law, any contract shall be made between you and Dapper & Darling, a Southern California registered business with its headquarters in Foothill Ranch, Ca. Contact Kailey Santos Founder, Dapper & Darling +1 949 922 2479

These terms may be changed without notice. Current as of April 1st, 2013 Thank you. We love you too.

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